If you would be a poet, write living newspapers…
Don’t ever believe poetry is irrelevant in dark times.
—Lawrence Ferlinghetti
As Poetry Flash begins its 41st year, there is a lot to be grateful for. We have launched a new look for http://poetryflash.org/, serving California and beyond. And thanks to Litquake for honoring us with their Barbary Coast Award in 2012!
Our clean site design by online editor Amy Wong updates daily literary events in an easy to find format. Poetryflash.org, a kind of “living newspaper,” also features book reviews, essays, tributes, calls for submissions, poems, and online archives. Thousands of you have visited the site in 2012.
Currently featured on Poetryflash.org are strong pieces including a review of giovanni singleton’s Ascension by Hermine Pinson, A Community Writing Itself: Conversations with Vanguard Writers of the Bay Area, edited by Sarah Rosenthal and reviewed by Richard Silberg, The Art of Robert Frost reviewed by Alexandra Yurkovsky, Elegguasby Kamau Brathwaite reviewed by Zara Raab, “Survival Strategies” an interview with fiction writer Michael Alenyikov by Richard Mandrachio, a remembrance of Jack Gilbert by Bill Mayer–and a generous New & Noted with reviews of books by Evie Shockley, Ron Padgett, Michael Dickman, Elizabeth Willis, and Garrett Hongo. Featured poems include Michelle Bitting’s prize-winner from the Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest in Venice, California, and poems from Andrew Schelling and Julie Rogers.
Many more poems, reviews, interviews are coming up soon: new poems from Judy Halebsky and José Hernández Díaz, an in depth look at the poetry of Robert Pinsky, Alan Williamson on Italian poet Eugenio Montale, and more.
The archives are steadily growing with treats you may have missed (such as “Shaman,” a review of Eugene Ruggles collected poems, Zack Rogow’s essay on Lorca, or Rusty Morrison and Matthew Zapruder, et al., on “Where Parallel Lines Meet”).
Your support is crucial to keep Poetryflash.org and our nationally recognized reading series at Moe’s Books, Berkeley, and Diesel, A Bookstore, Oakland, moving forward. Your support will also help present the 32nd Northern California Book Awards on May 19, 2013, at San Francisco Main Library. Celebrating these books strengthens our shared culture. Your contribution also presents the 18th annual Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park, September 28, 2013.
Poetry Flash builds community through literature, making poetry and literature more accessible, whether through readings, workshops, awards, or publication. Back to wise Ferlinghetti, who wrote: “Poetry the common carrier/ for the transportation of the public/ to higher places/ than other wheels can carry it.” In 2013, Poetry Flash will continue to explore contemporary poetics and creative writing. Your help is key to continuing our shared publishing adventure and projects that have served poetry, creative writing, and community so well. Your help is especially appreciated now. Please join us by sending a tax-deductible donation today, or visit http://poetryflash.org/give/.
Warm regards for the New Year,
Joyce Jenkins, Editor-in-Chief/Executive Director
Poetry Flash, 1450 Fourth Street #4, Berkeley, CA 94710
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